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Freelance ︎︎︎ Design × Motion

Intel EVO × Team GB
FUI — Design, Animation,
Art Direction

A super short and sweet gig, with an extremely quick turnaround time, RAW was delighted to be brought onboard this exciting advertising spot by frequent collaborators + good friends, 23RDC. The newest in the Intel Evo series of adverts, this particular one features a solid cast of members from the incredible Team GB.
I specifically designed and animated the Video Editor + Music Player UI; the rest was handled by someone else. Due to the nature of the advert, and the super tight deadline, I elected to keep it rather simple, trying to find a good middle-ground; hoping to strike the balance just right between utilitarian & advanced. 
Client ︎︎︎ Team People
Studio ︎︎︎ 23RDC

FUI Design + Animation ︎︎︎ Ryan Anthony Ward


Based in Doncaster, UK ︎ (UTC +1)
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