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Incari OS - FUI Design

RAW-GFX was delighted (as always) to work with good friends + close-collaborators, 23RDC. Back in the summer of 2021, we crafted some rather futuristic UI Designs for a range of different scenarios contained within a promo film, that would be used to showcase the future vision of Incari OS. I headed up the 2D UI Design specifically for all sections of the piece, whilst others focused on 3D + Motion.

Working directly with Incari themselves (who knew exactly what they wanted - they were a delight), we helped create a unified graphic language throughout the film, leaning heavily on a purposefully “complex, futuristic” look. Here are just a few, select frames from a much larger piece that *I* specifically created (designed + mocked up) and personally liked the most...
Client → Incari
Studio → 23RDC

FUI / Graphic Design → Ryan Anthony Ward
3D + Animation → Andy Dominique Rak, Owais Javid, Nik Hill

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